Controlling mosquitoes is hard. It is so hard, some people think it is completely impossible. But saying that it is impossible to control mosquitoes is a lot like saying it is impossible to fly to the moon. Fortunately, solving the problem of mosquito control doesn't take a rocket scientist. With a few corrections in your approach, you may be able to see a reduction of those frustrating and potentially dangerous pests. Here are 5 common mistakes Pittsburgh homeowners make that can attract mosquitoes.

1. Thinking there's no use trying.

Let's get the big one out of the way first. We sorta touched on it above but let's dig a little deeper. Why is it people think that it is impossible to control mosquitoes? One big reason is that there are so many of them. If you were able to go out in your yard and kill every single mosquito, wouldn't more just come and replace the ones you killed? Well, yes and no. Let's look at this from another perspective to get to the answer.

If you could rise up above Pittsburgh and see all the mosquitoes clearly from the sky, you would notice something important; the number of mosquitoes you have in your yard is not the same as in other places. Most mosquito species need stagnant water in order to breed. Areas that are damp or marshy are going to have a lot more mosquitoes.

If you could sit in the sky long enough and watch those mosquitoes, you would see something else interesting; those mosquitoes don't get around much. When they hatch in a damp, shaded patch of woods, most of them will stay right there in that wooded area. Most mosquitoes don't travel more than a few hundred feet in their entire life. That means the mosquito bites you get in your yard are more likely to be from mosquitoes that were born in your yard.

What does this mean for you? The more you work to reduce mosquitoes in your yard, and the more you remove breeding site opportunities, the fewer mosquitoes you'll have biting you. You can make a difference.

2. Stagnant water.

As mosquitoes move around, they gravitate to yards that have ideal living conditions. One condition they require a lot of is moisture. The more moisture you have in your yard, the happier mosquitoes will be. While it is impossible to keep your yard completely dry, you can reduce moisture enough to resist mosquitoes and prevent them from finding a breeding site in your yard.

  • Make sure your gutter system works.
  • Make sure you have no leaky spigots or hoses.
  • Trim trees to let the sunlight dry the ground.
  • Put space between the plants in your landscaping to allow airflow to dry the topsoil.
  • Water your plants according to their requirements.

If there are conditions in your yard that allow for the capture of rainwater or the accumulation of water into puddles, it is important to address them. Mosquitoes can go from eggs to adult mosquitoes in a little over a week.

3. Plants.

Do you know that mosquitoes eat nectar from flowers and sap from plants? Yup. In fact, that is all male mosquitoes eat. If you have plants in your yard, those plants can provide a shaded hiding place from the sun and a source of sugar for male and female mosquitoes. Once mosquitoes take root in your landscaping, the females will start coming out to get a blood meal. They need the protein from blood in order to fertilize their eggs. Reducing plants or having them treated with seasonal mosquito treatments can have a serious impact.

4. Perfumes.

Since mosquitoes can get a meal from nectar, sweet smells can lure them into your yard. If you go out into your yard with perfume or cologne on or you have sweet smells produced in your yard, mosquitoes will be drawn in.

5. The bug zapper.

Many people go out and invest in a bug zapper to kill mosquitoes but there is something you should know about bug zappers. While they are definitely good at attracting mosquitoes, they do not do well at killing female mosquitoes, the ones that bite. It is best to stow this item away.

When You Need Assistance

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