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In business since 1908, Witt Pest Management is Pittsburgh’s oldest and most respected pest control company.  Pest problems can occur in any city or town, which is why we not only service Pittsburgh, but other surrounding cities and towns including the beautiful Blairsville, which is only 43 miles to the east.  At Witt, we pride ourselves on being able to provide pest control services to the residential and business owners of Blairsville in the most effective, professional and environmentally-friendly manner possible.  Pests may not love Witt, but the residents of Blairsville sure do!

Ant Control Blairsville PA

Ants can become a problem in any home. Whether you are seeing small ants, medium ants, or large ants, it is important to know that any ant problem should be taken seriously and taken care of as quickly as possible.

Some species of small ants that wander into homes while foraging for food aren’t particularly dangerous or damaging, but they are a huge nuisance, are difficult to get rid of and contaminate food sources.  Other larger species like carpenter ants enter into homes and become more than just a nuisance, they are destructive. Carpenter ants not only forage for food but stay to damage the structural wood of your Blairsville home while creating intricate nesting areas.  Damages from carpenter ants can be quite extensive, costly and time consuming to repair.

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Getting a professional to inspect your home and correctly identify the species of ant that is infesting is the best way to quickly and effectively eliminate any ant infestation.  Witt Pest Management can get rid of any ant species, whether nuisance or destructive, through our year-round residential pest control services.  If ants have invaded your Blairsville home, call the ant control specialists at Witt today.

Blairsville Rodent Control

Rodents can be a year-round problem but are a particular concern in the late fall and winter when they enter into homes to eat leftover crumbs and nest in places like attics, basements, or wall voids.  Rodents are destructive pests. Their constant chewing causes damage to wires, pipes, insulation, and personal items; they contaminate food and food prep areas with their saliva, feces, and urine, and introduce dangerous bacteria and diseases.

There is no getting around it, rodents are bad news for Blairsville properties.  The good news, however, is that Witt Pest Management is fully equipped to handle any sized rodent infestation through our rodent removal services.  Our pros can completely rid your home of mice in a safe and humane manner and identify the areas of your home that are allowing them in so that they can be repaired to prevent future issues!

Home Pest Control In Blairsville PA

Spiders, ants, centipedes, and stink bugs are all species of insects that commonly invade Blairsville homes.  Common household pests are not only annoying, but can be dangerous and damaging, but with the help of Witt’s friendly and experienced technicians they will be eliminated and preventative treatments will be completed year-round to prevent future problems with them.

We offer three levels of treatment to meet the needs of any of our customers and their homes.  Our three levels of year-round pest control services include TopCare®, TopCare® Plus, and TopCare® Complete.  Call us today to see which level of service is right for you and your Blairsville home.

No matter which plan you choose you can be sure that they all offer easy and affordable payment plans, scheduled comprehensive treatments in the spring, summer, and fall; and preventive maintenance services that focus on the exterior of your home, where pest problems generally begin.  Another added benefit is our Witt Pest Free Guarantee, which states that if necessary, service visits are provided in between service visits that are at no additional cost to you.

Professional Bed Bug Inspections & Bed Bug Treatments In Blairsville

Bed bugs are a problem for homeowners all across the country, they can be picked up in any public place where there is a high level of human traffic.  If bed bugs are introduced into your Blairsville home, the pros at Witt have effective solutions to get rid of any eggs, nymphs, and/or adults very quickly.

Our bed bug control services include:

  • Bed Bug Inspections- Our inspections are handled by specially trained inspectors or through the use of our K-9 inspection dogs and their handlers.

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatments- Using heat to control bed bugs is not only extremely effective, but it is very non-invasive and environmentally friendly.  Heat is introduced into your home through specialized mobile heaters; it is then circulated throughout your home penetrating all of its surfaces and kills any and all stages of bed bugs found.

  • Integrated Bed Bug Treatments- This service includes comprehensive bed bugs treatments and a series of follow-up visits for the course of 4-6 weeks.  Treatment and follow-up services all for one affordable fee!

  • Content Management Service- Furniture or other personal belongings can be moved into a mobile container and transported to a heat-chamber located off-site.  This can be a stand-alone service or as part of our bed bug control services.

For more information about any of Witt’s pest controls services including our home pest control or bed bug control services, contact the Blairsville pest control experts today!