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an odorouse house ant crawling on a house plant

One of the most common pests that invade Pittsburgh properties in the spring is the ant, more specifically, the odorous house ant. Without a doubt, this is the most common species of ant that invades properties every year. Fortunately, they are easily identifiable, making it easy to get a proper…

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a crazy ant on leaves

Crazy ants are an invasive species that can live both indoors and out. However, they cannot live outside when the temperature drops causing them to make their way into your Pittsburgh home. They derive their name from their erratic, zigzagging movement which looks crazy

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ant on plant

One of the most common ant pests we have in our Pittsburgh service area is the odorous house ant. This ant pest gets its name from the fact that it smells bad when crushed. Here are some things you should know about these pesky ants.

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a large colont of tiny black ants feasting on a sleeve of baby brisket crackers in a pittsburgh pennsylvania home

While crisp autumn days are enjoyable, it's also nice to come home to a warm, toasty house. Unfortunately, we're not the only ones who think so. Ants are common invaders in the fall, which makes this the perfect time to start thinking about protecting your home against these tiny pests.

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a large black ant eating crumbs off of a pittsburgh kitchen counter

Did you know that ant colonies can number in the thousands or even hundreds of thousands? You may only see a few ants in your kitchen, but that can signal that somewhere nearby there are hundreds more waiting to come inside. A single ant is relatively easy to squish, however, crushing one ant…

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