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carpenter ant on dirt in pittsburgh pa

In nature, carpenter ants nest in the logs and stumps of decaying trees. Their job is to help decompose those trees as part of the cycle of life. It's no surprise then that they are attracted to other forms of wet and rotting wood, such as wood on your deck that's damp from a damaged gutter.

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damaging carpenter ant attacking pittsburgh wooden property

Where there are sugary foods and foods with high protein content, ants will likely be around as well. Ants are common house invaders as the weather warms up and they begin scouting for new food sources. Often, our homes are filled with plenty of sugars and proteins to sustain ant colonies, and that…

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ants on floor

Everyone knows that ant colonies are homes to hundreds upon hundreds of ants—some colonies have even been recorded to have millions of ants living and working together.

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odorous house ant on plant

When dealing with ants, many people are under the impression that there are no real differences from one species to another, but the truth of the matter is that there are many different ant species that all present different threats to homeowners. Knowing how to identify which species of ant is…

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ant climbing on house plant

Pittsburgh is starting to warm up and with the transition from winter to spring, there is a lot to look forward to. You get to fire up the BBQ for that backyard bash, leave behind the heavy clothing, and let the kids free in the yard to enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, with all the plus sides to…

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