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bed bug crawling on bed

You would think that in January, you wouldn't have to worry about insect infestations. It is freezing outside. No insect in its right mind is flying or crawling around in your yard. But bed bugs don't live outside.

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bed bug in pittsburgh home

There are many misconceptions about bed bugs. One of the largest misconceptions is how they get into Pittsburgh homes. What causes you to get bed bugs? Well, it isn't because you left a door open or that those bed bugs found a crack in your foundation wall. Bed bugs don't live in your yard or in…

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bed bug on a bed

It can be extremely difficult to prevent bed bugs from getting into your Pittsburgh home. That is the sad reality. These insects are between 1 mm and 4.5 mm in length, they prefer to come out at night (or when it is dark), they leave subtle signs of their presence, they hitchhike into our homes, and…

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bed bug on human hair

Many pests have a seasonality. These are times of the year when they become more of a problem because of the weather outside. While bed bug infestations rise here and there, and these insects can be influenced by increased warmth outside, they are somewhat unique as a pest problem.

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an alert beagle trained and suited for a k 9 bed bug inspection in a pittsburgh pennsylvania home

If you travel often, you've probably seen a canine TSA agent at the airport. These dogs are trained to detect explosives or ingredients that could be used to make a bomb. If you travel often, you’ve probably also heard of bed bugs, and may even have had experience with them already. But did…

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