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yellow jacket on plant

There is nothing quite like having dozens of yellow jackets surround you and sting you. If you have had this experience, you know what we mean. It is a painful and unsettling experience that can make you wary of going outside ever again. But, understanding why yellow jackets might surround you and…

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stinging insect on watermelon

Do you know why stinging insects come into your yard? If you understand what those painful pests are looking for, you can reduce your chances of being stung.

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carpenter bee chewing wood

Imagine taking a drill with a half-inch drill bit and boring a 6-inch tunnel into a piece of wood on your home. Now imagine getting a flexible extender and drilling another 6 inches deeper every year. This is exactly what carpenter bees do.

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a yellow jacket wasp emerging from a ground nest outside of a home in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Summer is a favorite season for many people, especially when you live in an area like Pittsburgh, PA where the winters can be rough. Even so, there are a few benefits that come with summer ending and fall beginning. The end of summer usually signals the end of bug season, and most would agree that…

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a black and yellow long winged wasp sprawled out on a vibrant green leaf in a pittsburgh pennsylvania back yard

Even while the active season for most insects is winding down, the most vigorous time of year for stinging insects is only just beginning.

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