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carpet beetle crawling on the floor

Carpet beetle larvae might be tiny pests, but they can cause a great deal of property damage to carpets and other upholstered items. Discover more about these insects and what you can do to prevent them.

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a carpet beetle crawling on fabric

What’s that tiny bug on the wall? One common house-invader is the carpet beetle. These small, speckled beetles can show up in homes year-round. They might be small, but they can appear in large numbers and cause significant damage.

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carpet beetle

If you don't know much about these two pests, it might be confusing when an infestation takes root in your Pittsburgh home. Both of these insects can cause you to have a number of bumps on your skin with an associated rash.

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carpet beetle on white surface

Carpet beetles can seem like a mystery. If they've gotten into your home, you might have some confusion. Hopefully, we'll clear up some of that confusion today. Here are 5 things every Pittsburgh property owner should know about carpet beetles.

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carpet beetle on a carpet

Carpet beetles are very small insects that come in a variety of colors, from solid black or brown to a mottled combination of black, brown, yellow, orange, and/or white. Due to their size, they are often confused with bed bugs, but unlike bed bugs, carpet beetles can fly and the problems they cause…

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