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witt technician treating home

If pests could bundle up the way humans can, they wouldn't need to invade our homes when the weather turns cold. But, when's the last time you encountered a fly buzzing around wearing a little hat and matching gloves? How about a fuzzy mouse with a muffler and warm boots? Or a spider in bright red…

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cockroach found in pittsburgh

While nothing in life is certain, there is at least one certain thing, nobody wants to walk into their kitchen or bathroom open up a cabinet and come face to face with a bunch of cockroaches scurrying back into the darkness. Yuck!  We all know that we don’t want cockroaches invading our…

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cockroach on a piece of fruit

Cockroach control can be a difficult thing to wrap your brain around, after all, you and that cockroach couldn't be more different. It likes tight spaces where its belly and back are touching something hard at the same time. That would probably drive you crazy. Cockroaches eat toothpaste. You spit…

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Crack In Foundation

When the grill gets stowed or covered and the air begins to chill you know what comes next. Yes, snow. But before the snow, comes the onslaught of household pests. Wasps will squeeze in through eaves or holes in your window screens. Rodents will gnaw their way in through softened wood or areas that…

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Image of a Child

Do you have any mess makers living in your house? From an early age, kids have a propensity for luring in bugs, especially roaches. They drop a sticky lollipop behind the couch. They splatter food on the table, walls, and floor. And, they put their food covered hands on everything. Fortunately, when…

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