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Crack In Foundation

When the grill gets stowed or covered and the air begins to chill you know what comes next. Yes, snow. But before the snow, comes the onslaught of household pests. Wasps will squeeze in through eaves or holes in your window screens. Rodents will gnaw their way in through softened wood or areas that…

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Image of a Child

Do you have any mess makers living in your house? From an early age, kids have a propensity for luring in bugs, especially roaches. They drop a sticky lollipop behind the couch. They splatter food on the table, walls, and floor. And, they put their food covered hands on everything. Fortunately, when…

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learn more about roaches in pittsburgh

There are so many unwelcome, crawly critters that can find their way into your kitchen. One of those common pests are cockroaches. This insect can be big trouble, if it gets inside your home. These bugs can contaminate the surfaces in your home without you even knowing. They carry diseases and…

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German Cockroaches

I'm sure you've heard it said, "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down." Well, to help this extremely informative blog on the dangers of German cockroaches go down a little smoother, I've mixed in fun facts about the television classic, Hogan's Heroes. When you're done reading this fun and…

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different kinds of cockroaches in pa

Want to learn more about cockroaches in Pittsburgh, how about cockroach control? Give us a call at Witt Pest Management and we'll make sure your home and business remain roach free! 

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