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restaurant set up for christmas

Christmas is nearly upon us an, even as a business owner, there has to be something you want for Christmas. Maybe a new car or season tickets to your favorite stadium, or possibly something as simple as getting through the holiday season without any problems in your restaurant.

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chef preparing meal

There are not many patrons that would return to a restaurant after they have experienced a food-related illness. Now, if they absolutely loved the restaurant and have been going there for many years, they may give it a second chance, but for the most part, people would be wary of returning.

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happy students in classroom

When a pest goes in search of a new place to call home, it’s not as picky as one might wish. It certainly cannot tell the difference between a shed, house, warehouse, or school. Unfortunately for humans, mice and other pests don’t base their decisions off of a moral code, and their…

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workplace in pittsburgh

Bugs and invasive animals aren't just a nuisance. When living creatures get into a work environment, they can cause a wide range of issues. Termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-destroying organisms eat away at wooden structures and lead to frustrating repair costs. Cockroaches spread illness…

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restaurant owners looking at positive reviews

If you own a restaurant you should have in place a professional commercial pest control program for your business. Pests in any business can wreak havoc, but pest sightings inside of restaurants, even if it’s just a fly that entered through the door as people were exiting your restaurant, can…

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