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a house fly buzzing around a pittsburgh pennsylvania kitchen during late summer season

Flies can be aggravating pests that appear at picnics, barbecues, and any other outdoor events—especially those with food present. However, house flies are even more of a nuisance when they start to attend indoor activities as well. If you're sitting at home eating dinner and a fly is buzzing…

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a house fly buzzing toward a resident in a pittsburgh kitchen

Who hasn’t used a fly swatter or kept a magazine handy to swat at a pesky fly? But the black flies that fly around your yard and sneak into your kitchen are more than a nuisance; they can be a health hazard.

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house fly

Here's the setup. You have made yourself a beautiful sandwich with a few chips on the side and even a pickle but, before you sit down to enjoy it, you go back into the kitchen to get something to drink. When you return, drink in hand, you stop short. There, crawling around on your lunch, are several…

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