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earwig up close

The dreaded earwigs, we have all heard the horror stories connected with them. But, contrary to popular legend, they do not climb into ears and lay eggs in brains. That is just not true.

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clothing moth

If you plan to roll up your sleeves and do some spring cleaning, why not throw some moth prevention in for good measure? Clothing moths don't just put holes in your wool hats, mittens, and scarfs. They can damage a number of belongings in your home that have natural fibers, such as draperies…

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mouse looking for warm shelter

Summer is on break and spring won’t be here for a while. For some, that means a much-needed relief from summer stings, bites, and rashes. Not so fast. Winter comes with its own special pest risk. The problem with winter is that pests now live in your home, sharing your bed and your living…

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unpacking christmas decorations

As the most wonderful time of year approaches, many of us will begin to dig out the Christmas decorations from the attic, basement, or backyard shed. Unfortunately, the same places we store the decorations are the same places known for harboring bugs. Are there pests hiding in the boxes full of the…

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norway rat in pittsburgh home

If you've never heard of a Norway rat, you may be tempted to think the best way to avoid Norway rats is to never go to Norway. Sadly, it isn't quite that simple. Rattus norvegicus, which is known by many names, including the Norwegian rat, is not limited to living only in Norway. Nor did it…

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