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cutting thanksgiving turkey

Many of you have already purchased your turkey and know exactly how many people will be attending your feast. Many of you will be the ones traveling home for the holidays. While you do not have the stress of planning the menu, shopping, cooking, and cleaning, you do have your own set of challenges…

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stink bug crawling on window screen

Every year, as the Pittsburgh weather takes a turn towards colder temperatures, bugs go into hiding. They may hide in a tree, under a log, inside a stump, beneath a rock, in the cracks of a rocky mountain wall, and any number of other places. If you have bugs around your Pittsburgh home, like all of…

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stink bug up close

If you think that the title of this article has an improper usage of the word "in" in it, you would be correct. But, before you get out your red pen, give us a chance to explain.

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stink bug crawling on screen

Autumn is here. And, along with the changing leaves, pumpkins, and cold temperatures, you can expect something else this time of year. Yep. We're talking about stink bugs.

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man fixing window screen

The temperatures are still getting up into the 80s and 90s here in Pittsburgh; so why on earth would you need to be thinking about winter right now? Overwintering pests are counting on the fact that you'll be taking full advantage of these good days for backyard barbecues, trips to the park…

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