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norway rat next to building in pittsburgh

Have you ever wondered how Norway rats ended up in Pittsburgh? Do you imagine a little rat and his mate, sneaking onto a ship at a Norwegian shipyard that was bound for America? Well, according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Norway rats actually originated in Asia, but they were…

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yellow jacket sitting on a leaf

Here in Pennsylvania, you may see a yellow jacket nest as early as May or June, as this is when overwintering yellow jacket queens typically begin their nest development. These queens set out and select nest sites in forest floors, rock walls, lawns, creek banks, and sometimes within structures…

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mouse walking across floor in pittsburgh

Chances are, if you have found this blog, you’re looking for a way how to get rid of mice from your home or business. Perhaps you are hearing squeaking, scratching, or rustling noises in your walls or attic at bedtime. Maybe you are finding tiny brown pellet droppings in the backs of your…

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witt pest management technician preforming residential pest control

Gone are the days when you had to cover yourself with smelly bug spray to protect yourself from mosquitoes. No longer do you have to tuck your pant legs into your socks to protect yourself from ticks. And who has to worry about bugs or wildlife destroying the garden? It's wintertime. You can just…

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house spider

What is a habitat? The dictionary defines it as a preferred surroundings. But more specifically, it is an environment that provides ideal temperatures, food sources, and water. If a creature moves into an area and does not find it appropriate for life, it will continue its search. Understanding the…

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