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carpet beetle up close

A carpet beetle is one of those pests that are not noted for feasting on or biting humans.  While there are some beetles capable of biting, the carpet beetle can be considered harmless and of the vegetarian nature, eating mostly a diet of natural fibers.  The carpet beetle is sometimes…

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mouse looking for protection from the winter weather

Are you ready for another bitter winter with record breaking temperatures? Well, neither are those bugs and wild animals. Whether they are a warm-blooded animal with fur or a cold-blooded bug with no way of regulating their body temperature, winter is something these creatures definitely want to get…

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carpet beetle on gray beetle

Carpet beetles, like their name infers, are beetles that feed on carpets; but that is not where the trouble stops.  These pests love any kind of animal product such as: leather, wool, yarns, silk, furs, skins, hair, dead insects, and even cotton.

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centipede crawling on basement floor

Having a centipede in the house is no big deal, right? It isn't like they're dangerous or anything. Well, in order to understand why it is a bad idea to have centipedes in your home, let's play a game called: ‘Have You Ever?’

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home decorated with pumpkins for fall

Have you ever heard of Dug the dinosaur? If you haven't, you should take a few minutes and look him up on the internet. He is quite the character. Each year, around the holidays, Dug can be found in his front yard, sporting the latest in festive attire. Whether it be Cupid on Valentine's Day, the…

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