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fall decorations

It is that time of year once again, there is a nip in the air, Halloween costumes are in the stores, and the decorating season is upon us! First up is fall, and who doesn’t love decorating their home for the fall season? Decorating for fall brings the opportunity to introduce a lot of…

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lady bug found near a pittsburgh home

Any pest can be a fall pest, but the ones we associate most with fall are the ones that are more problematic in fall. Why do they become more of a problem? Because when the cold temperatures come, they aren't content to stay out in nature where they belong. These are the "snow birds" of the animal…

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mouse searching for food

This can be a startling discovery. You move a trash can and a mouse or two scurry away along your foundation wall. You open a box, move a toy or shift something that is sitting next to your exterior walls, and you see mice. There are hundreds of ways you might come across mice outside your home. You…

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brown marmorated stink bug

It's that time of year again. This is when those nasty, shield-shaped stink bugs are going to start coming into your house. They'll be crawling in your curtains, buzzing around your lights, and dive bombing your face. They'll be climbing on your television screen, crawling on your bed and leaving…

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spider building web in a pittsburgh home

If you think that you are seeing those creepy, crawly spiders in record numbers lately, you are not imagining it. Spiders are one of the many pests that enjoy the great outdoors as long as the weather is warm, but at the first sign of cooler weather, they scramble to find a winter rental –…

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