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black widow spider on web

When spiders show up inside your Pittsburgh home, it isn't surprising that you have questions. Here are a few common questions we get about spiders. See if any of your questions are on our list.

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stinging insect on watermelon

Do you know why stinging insects come into your yard? If you understand what those painful pests are looking for, you can reduce your chances of being stung.

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norway rat on cardboard box

There are two rat species that are common pests in Pittsburgh. One is called the common rat and the other is called a house rat. Do you know which is a Norway rat?

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rats chewing on a wire

You probably know what a house mouse is. Most people do. If you haven't seen one up close and personal, you're sure to have seen one in a movie or television show. And you probably know lots of things about mice, such as the fact that cheese is their favorite food or that they live in a little…

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a clothing moth destroying a quilt in a pittsburgh pennsylvania home

The last thing any Pittsburgher needs is holes in their clothes, especially during the chill of winter. Clothes moths, which come alive in the cold months to make babies and nest in closets and drapes, are the prime culprit of the damage you may find. While they don’t bite humans (moths have…

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