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cockroach on piece of fruit

Have you ever seen an insect scurrying across your floor and wonder just exactly what it was? At first glance, you think may it’s a centipede or a silverfish? Some insects can move in the same ways leaving you to wonder what pest you are dealing with. Nuisance pests are not considered a threat…

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earwig up close

If you live in Pittsburgh, now is the time to start thinking about earwigs. When the temperatures drop, European and red-legged earwigs can invade Pittsburgh homes by the hundreds, and even thousands. Your goal should be to seal things up and make your home less attractive to earwigs before that…

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yellow jacket

If you've ever been attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets, you might be tempted to believe that these insects are bad tempered. These are insects that quickly mobilize, give chase for several yards, go around obstacles, and even wait--in a frenzy--for anyone who thinks it is a good idea to jump in…

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house centipede

This is the time of year when house centipedes are the most problematic for Pittsburgh homeowners. So we're going to take some time today to address the conditions that attract these pests, and what steps you can take to keep them out of your home.

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carpenter ant

It's one little ant, what's the big deal? You're not afraid of an ant. Why should you be? You're like a thousand times larger than an ant--even a carpenter ant, which is the largest ant you'll find crawling around in your home. Ants are small. And ants that you find in your home don't even bite. So…

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