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mosquito bite

Spring and summer activities are often the highlight of the year for friends and family. These activities bring people together for ball games, BBQ parties, hiking, gardening, or just enjoying a nice quiet evening on the deck. While these and other activities are fun, the sound of mosquitoes buzzing…

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yellow jacket

If you've lived in Pennsylvania for more than a few years, you know what a yellow jacket is. These wasps can be a terror. We've put together this quick list of why. Hopefully, it will give you some important insight into these painful pests.

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witt pest technician

When you need pests eradicated and sealed out, professional pest control controls Pittsburgh's pests best. It isn't just a tongue twister. It's true. The best way to get pests out of your Pittsburgh home is to trust someone who is educated in the safe and effective removal of bugs and…

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small carpet beetle

Carpet beetles are a rather common pest that show up in homes and businesses here in Pittsburgh, Pa. They are capable of causing damage to just about any type of fabric. However, they have also been known to get into food products as well. Pasta, nuts, cereals, and other milled products seem to…

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fly on food

Do not allow flies to spread disease and illness in your home.

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