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carpenter ant

It's one little ant, what's the big deal? You're not afraid of an ant. Why should you be? You're like a thousand times larger than an ant--even a carpenter ant, which is the largest ant you'll find crawling around in your home. Ants are small. And ants that you find in your home don't even bite. So…

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pest technician and customer

Are you worried about ants invading your pantry? How about cockroaches scaling your walls and ceilings while you are trying to watch TV? Do you ever wonder if termites might be eating away at the insides of your walls, destroying your home from the inside out? Maybe you are more concerned about…

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earwig on marble floor

Have you seen them? There are many pests that thrive in moist places. These are the bugs you find when you turn over a rock or flip a board that has been lying in your yard. These are the bugs you'll find in a dark, moist corner of your basement or crawling around in your bathroom. But there is…

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carpenter ant found near pittsburgh home

Do you have an ant problem? This is the time of year when most people do. The warm temperatures of summer get these insects moving, and when they move, it can bring them into your home.

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carpet beetle larvae crawling on fabric

The professionals here at Witt Pest Management want to provide you with some information about carpet beetles; and while this may not seem like the most interesting subject, it is an important subject and if you give it a chance, you may find it to be a pretty interesting subject! We'd like to give…

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