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witt pest technician holding a clipboard

So you have some little ants trailing in the kitchen or a few too many spiders in the basement than you can stomach. But when do you really need to call in a professional?

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earwig crawling on tree

Are earwigs a problem for you? Do you find them under all the pillows of your outside furniture? Do you see them in your basement? Or is it worse than this? Do find them all over you house during the spring? While earwigs aren't a danger to have around, they are a pain. They climb into things you…

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carpenter bee boring hole

When the topic of carpenter bees comes up, opinions can vary considerably. Some say carpenter bees are not a serious threat because a female bee will only tunnel about a foot or two. Others say that carpenter bees can completely wreck a home. So what should you believe? The truth may actually…

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clothing moth in pittsburgh home

Clothing moths are destructive creatures that tend to hide when disturbed, so you might go for a long period before realizing you have a problem. If you want to keep your fabric, fur, and feathered items safe, it is a good idea to know what these destructive pests look like, both in their adult…

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carpet beetle

Carpet beetles generally prefer the outdoors, but if given the chance to come inside your home, they will sneak their way in and find something to munch on. Your home is warm, comfortable, and has a supply of food that carpet beetles are interested in.

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