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mouse looking for warm shelter

Summer is on break and spring won’t be here for a while. For some, that means a much-needed relief from summer stings, bites, and rashes. Not so fast. Winter comes with its own special pest risk. The problem with winter is that pests now live in your home, sharing your bed and your living…

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carpet beetle in larvae form

Do carpet beetles live in beds? While their larvae can and will feed on the fabrics in and around your bed, they do not typically ‘live’ in your bed like bed bugs can; and people will often confuse carpet beetles and bed bugs. Knowing this, it is important to be able to distinguish…

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pest technician doing residential inspection

It's a new year. Time for a fresh start. Time to change a few things and make life a little bit better. Maybe this is the year you do that remodeling project you've been thinking about. Maybe this is the year you start saving to take your whole family to Disney World. Or, maybe--just maybe--this is…

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clothing moth up close

This is the time of year to get winter clothing out of storage. It can be extremely frustrating to find a scarf, sweater, hat, or mittens with holes in them, not only frustrating, but a little bit perplexing. When clothes moths attack stored items, it can seem like magic. You'll find holes on items…

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mouse in pittsburgh home

Do you have mice? Can you hear them scratching and chewing things inside your walls at night? Do you have holes in your cereal boxes? Are you finding droppings scattered inside your silverware drawers, your cabinets, and along your baseboards? If you answered no to all of these questions, this does…

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