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carpet beetle larvae up close

It is not uncommon to be minding your own business lounging on the couch when you look over at your rug and notice something crawling there. Upon inspection, you have no idea what kind of insect it is, but it’s just a little round bug so you either leave it be or dispose of it and move on with…

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stink bug on rock

Bugs and wildlife can get into our homes all year long. But, when fall temperatures begin to drop, there is a special kind of critter that will try to get into your Pittsburgh home. These "special" creatures are called "overwintering" pests. And, when they find a way into your home, they can bring a…

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house centipede in pittsburgh home

It is hard to believe that fall is here, especially for those of us who live here in the east. Daytime temperatures have been running from five to ten degrees higher than normal these past few weeks, and we have had some warm, humid days that would rival the best that summer had to offer…

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mouse found in kitchen

When you hear the word "rodent," what comes to mind? Do you think of a dirty sewer rat lurking in the shadows of a subway station? Maybe the word conjures up images of a mouse nest in your shed, full of squirming baby mice. Or perhaps you think of squirrels getting onto your roof and disappearing…

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witt pest control technician inspecting home

Summer will be officially ending shortly and the cooler weather of fall will be rolling into the Pittsburgh area, everyone will breathe a sigh of relief, thinking that with the hot weather going away, so are bugs and other pests. Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but pests are not just a summer…

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