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spider up close in pittsburgh

You may be wondering why spiders have become so active in your home this winter when most insects seemed to have vanished the moment fall arrived. After all, insects are a source of food for spiders, so spiders should have gone away or died off now that the weather is colder and the insects have…

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spider in basement

When the weather begins to get colder, it seems like all the spiders come running indoors. They show up in the corners of your ceiling, scurrying across the living room floor and, shockingly, behind the shower curtain. Why does it seem like they multiply in winter?

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spider on a web in a pittsburgh, pa home

It is not uncommon to hear that fall weather means fall pests. But, usually, the pests we hear about are mice, ticks, and occasional invaders such as ladybugs. How about spiders?

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house spider

While most spiders are quite harmless, even the smallest ones can be quite frightening, especially in the comfort of your own home. But have you ever stopped to think whether or not the spiders invading your home are dangerous or not?

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house spider in pittsburgh home

There are a wide variety of potential pests that could be in your home if you live in Pittsburgh. Of course, everyone worries about termites or wasps, but no potential invader strikes as much fear in so many people as spiders! Many people panic at the sight of spiders, and having one in their home,…

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