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a house spider crawling across a vanity in a pittsburgh pennsylvania bathroom

There are plenty of reasons to look forward to winter in Pennsylvania. One of the biggest is the fact that bugs are no longer buzzing and crawling around all over the place. Once the chill sets in, many bugs die off or go into hiding. So why are there still pesky spiders inside your home? 

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a common but creepy looking house spider scurrying along a pittsburge pennsylvania floor

There are a lot of spiders in the world. There are so many spiders, it is said that we are never more than 10 feet from a spider in our entire lives. This statistic obviously doesn't apply to skydivers, deep-sea divers, and perhaps, astronauts, but for the rest of us, it is a factual statement.

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a common house spider spinning its web in a pittsburge pennsylvania home during a cool fall evening

Spiders are unique because they can survive temperatures that drop below freezing, so remaining outdoors well into the fall is not a problem for them. If that leaves you wondering why spiders invade Pittsburgh homes during the fall, read on.

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a black brown and white spider hanging from a web in a pittsburge pennsylvania home

Are you noticing a lot of creepy crawly spiders setting up shop in your Pittsburgh home this summer?  Find out why spider infestations can occur in the summer and factors that may increase their presence. Different climates, as well as environmental and situational factors,  can encourage…

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house spider

You see the spider just before you turn the light off to go to bed. It skitters across the wall and then disappears behind your headboard. You lay awake for a while, imagining spiders crawling across your face as soon as you doze off. No one wants spiders in their house! But, other than being…

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