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a stink bug crawling on a window

There are many different species of pests that you might encounter in your Pittsburgh home at one point or another. These pests can range from being mostly a nuisance to being dangerous and everything in between. While some pests aren't likely to cause you any health concerns or do much damage to…

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a brown stick bug crawling across a pittsburgh pennsylvania kitchen counter top

Do you get visits from brown, shield-shaped insects every fall? If so, you're not alone. This is a common occurrence throughout our Pittsburgh service area. As you are probably already aware, those are called stink bugs and they are stinky bugs to have inside your home.

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a grayish brown stink bug slowily crawling along a pennsylvania home railing of a

 If you were to think about the most annoying invasive pests on your property, stink bugs are probably among them. With the pungent chemical smell they produce, loud buzzing wings, and distinctive shield-shaped bodies, stink bugs are annoying nuisance pests. But, unfortunately, stink bugs are…

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stink but up close

As the weather starts to get cooler, home-invading pests will begin to look for warmth, shelter, and food within your living space. The colder it gets the more you will start to see stink bugs crawling around here and there, being a nuisance everywhere they go. You might find them around windows and…

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stink bug near pittsburgh home

Summer will soon be winding down, and we will start feeling a little nip in the air. The end of summer is a refreshing season, a time when we can breathe the crisp, cooler air; a time when we can open up windows and doors to let in end-of-summer breezes; and a time to start enjoying stink bugs that…

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