red and black carpenter ant in pittsburgh

Witt Pest Management offers 3 signs that you may have a problem with carpenter ants

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It can be challenging when trying to identify which type of ant you are seeing in or around your home. Most small ants are simply a nuisance and not capable of harming us or causing damage but there are some species such as the carpenter ant that can lead to extensive structural damages. Often compared to termites, although carpenter ants do not eat wood, they can still leave it damaged when excavating through it to create their nests.

If you’ve noticed ants in Pittsburgh or surrounding areas, Witt Pest Management would like to share with you three signs that you may have a carpenter ant infestation in your home or on your property:

Large black ants foraging through your home or on your property

Small piles of saw dust often referred to as “frass” located where ants are working

Structural damages to both moist, decaying wood on your property and maybe even the more sound wood structure of your home

Due to the complexity of treating for carpenter ant infestations, if you do happen to notice any of the above signs in your home then it is best to contact your trusted Pittsburgh pest control company to get rid of carpenter ants. Treatments must be carefully applied as to get all of the nests including the main colony. If any locations are missed it is easy for the ants to repopulate and continue to wreak havoc on your home.

Witt Pest Management provides pest control services throughout the greater Pittsburgh area and our trusted pest control pros can help you with carpenter ants as well as all of your pest control problems no matter how small or large. Give us a shout to learn more!

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