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Many kids grow up hearing about bed bugs, but in a mystical, removed way. You might not realize how easy it is to come in contact with these pests. When they get into homes, they cause real problems. Bed bugs are much more than a monster under the bed. How much do you know about them? Are you prepared to protect your home?

Bed Bug Myths

You may have heard a lot about bed bugs, but are the things you heard true? Here are some common misconceptions so we can clear the air once and for all.

1. Bed Bugs Are Too Small To See

Bed bugs are small. They are usually smaller than 5mm long. However, that isn’t so small that they can be considered invisible. Bed bugs can be seen. They’re black or dark brown and usually found in dark, soft areas. Besides spotting the bed bugs themselves, you may also see evidence of their presence. They’re messy eaters, so a bed bug infestation might include dark stains on bedding from their feces and blood meals.

2. Bed Bugs Only Live In Dirty Homes

It would be reassuring to know that bed bugs can only survive in the dirtiest conditions. Unfortunately, that just isn’t true. Bed bugs can live anywhere humans can. You can pick them up in dirty homes, movie theaters, airplanes, five-star hotels, and even your own home.

3. Bed Bugs Spread Disease

Thankfully, this is a lie. Bed bugs are not associated with any dangerous diseases. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a problem. Bed bugs feed on blood from mammals. When they bite humans, they can cause itchy red bumps, interrupt sleep, and lead to frustration and anger. They’re also extremely difficult to get rid of. The longer you ignore bed bugs, the larger their numbers grow. Incorrect bed bug elimination attempts can lead to a second round of infestations.

4. Bed Bugs Always Live In Beds

The name of this pest suggests that they are always found in beds. This isn’t true either. Bed bugs can be found in any soft, dark area. They often hide in beds, but can also be found in furniture, clothing, carpet, and even electronics. One of the reasons we recommend professional bed bug services is because pest control professionals know how to determine the spread of an infestation and track down all the bed bug hiding places. Instead of just treating the bed, we treat every part of the house that has bed bugs.

5. Bed Bugs Are Easy To Get Rid Of

As with many pests, there’s a myth that you can take care of your own bed bug problem. While you may be able to clean your sheets in hot water, you probably don’t have a reliable way to clean your mattress, or your couch, or your carpet, or the inside of your walls.

A DIY approach to bed bug control can lead to many sleepless nights as these bugs continue to survive your elimination attempts and feed on your blood. Don’t put up with their bites and their annoyance. Call Witt Pest Management for help.

We have the experience necessary to identify the spread of an infestation and eliminate each and every bed bug, at every stage of maturity. This means that once we eliminate the bed bugs in your Pittsburgh home, you can be sure that they won’t reappear later. Our treatment works, and the results are long-lasting.

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