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One of the most unique creatures on the plant is the cockroach. While there are many fascinating things we could tell you about cockroaches, we've boiled them down to 6 peculiar things you probably don't know about cockroaches, and why it is important that you know them.

1. Cockroaches Walked the Earth with Dinosaurs.

The insect we know as the cockroach has been around since the dawn of time. Scientists have uncovered fossilized cockroaches that are believed to be from the Jurassic period, which, thanks to Jurassic Park, we know is the period when dinosaurs lived on the Earth. Why is it important to know this? It gives you some indication as to how difficult they are to exterminate. Whatever killed the dinosaurs didn't take out the roaches. That is important to know if you're thinking about trying to get rid of these insects from your Pittsburgh home.

2. Cockroach Can't Survive a Global Thermonuclear War.

While cockroaches are tolerant to radiation and have been found to be 5 to 15 times more resistant than humans, it is not conclusive whether or not they can produce viable eggs in a radiative environment. Without the ability to produce viable eggs, cockroaches would die off. It is also believed that a global thermonuclear war would eliminate all living creatures on earth because of nuclear winter. Cockroaches subsist off the detritus of living organisms. Without this, they would not survive. This is important for Pittsburgh homeowners to understand because—when cockroach extermination is performed by an educated pest professional—it is possible to effectively exterminate roaches. They're not invincible. They're just extremely hard to exterminate.  

3. Cockroaches Move Like Magic.

Have you ever seen a cockroach run across a wall or ceiling at full speed? It is a little unsettling. They're also able to run across a table, run right over the edge, and continue to run on the bottom without slowing down. This can seem like magic. But they don't use magic to do that. They don't use suction cups either. Cockroaches have sharp claws at the tips of their legs. They use these claws to grip tiny imperfections on the surface of walls and ceilings. If you put cockroaches in a container with sides that are completely smooth, they can't get out. Okay. There is certainly no reason why you need to know this, right? Actually, there might be. If you think cockroaches are coming into your home through your toilet, you may want to think again. While they live in sewer systems and they can hold their breath long enough to go up the pipe and into your toilets, it is very hard for them to get out of a toilet because porcelain doesn't have the little imperfections they need in order to climb out. It is simply too smooth. So, if you find a cockroach in the water of your toilet, you may not have an infestation.

4. Cockroaches Can Live For a Week Without a Head.

You may know that a cockroach can live for a week without its head. This is a commonly known fact about roaches. But, do you know why? It is because they breath out holes in their sides. The reason they die after a week is because they die of thirst. This is important to know. When cockroaches get into your home, they're going to look for water resources and areas of high humidity. You can use this knowledge to resist them.  

5. A Baby Roach Can Move Almost as Fast as an Adult.

A newly hatched cockroach nymph can be incredibly small. German cockroach nymphs are so small, they can fit through the eye of an electrical outlet. So it is disturbing that they can move almost as fast as an adult. If you see a tiny speck running up your wall, it is important to know that it is likely that you have a cockroach infestation.

6. Cockroaches Are Dirtier Than You Can Imagine.

You may know that cockroaches get into trash, but that is only the beginning of the dirty places, and the dirty things, these insects come in contact with. For this reason, they are connected to the spread for more than 33 kinds of bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella. They spread parasitic worms. They aggravate asthma allergies. And they are implicated in the spread of at least 7 human pathogens.

Do you have cockroaches coming into your home? If so, reach out to us. When it comes to controlling pests, even difficult and peculiar pests like cockroaches, you can trust the team at Witt Pest Management. We understand cockroaches and what is required to control them.

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