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Follow these simple tips to help prevent pests from infesting your home this summer!

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The days are long and the sun is shining bright. For many this means it’s time to enjoy fun in the sun. But for this long time Pittsburgh pest control company, it means time to encourage Pennsylvania homeowners to pest proof their homes. Whether you have already had a few pests to deal with this summer or if you are still pest free, Witt Pest Management recommends making time now to prevent pests as opposed to dealing with infestations later on this summer.  

The most common summer invaders around Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania are fleas, ticks, stinging insects, and ants. Whether they pose a threat to your health or property or are simply a nuisance to deal with, it is best to avoid pests. Here are 6 of the best tips to avoid summer pests:

  1. Keep your kitchen clean and always clean up crumbs, spills, and food debris

  2. Take trash out regularly and store it in bins with lids that close tightly

  3. Secure all windows with screens and make sure to keep doors closed unless they have screens as well

  4. Trim back bushes and shrubs so they do not touch the side of the home

  5. Keep grass mowed to avoid pests such as ticks from hiding in tall grass

  6. Inspect the exterior of your home and property for any stinging insect nests before they surprise you

By following these pest prevention tips you are far more likely to avoid flea, tick and  mosquito bites as well as bee stings and other insect encounters that are likely to happen when the temperature heats up.  But if you happen to find any bugs in your home or invading your property than it is important to contact Witt Pest Management for prompt, effective service that will get rid of the pests. Our trusted home pest control services have been providing relief from pests in the Great Pittsburgh area for over 100 years. You can be sure that your home and property are safe because with Witt, if the pests return, so do we!

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