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Summer will be officially ending shortly and the cooler weather of fall will be rolling into the Pittsburgh area, everyone will breathe a sigh of relief, thinking that with the hot weather going away, so are bugs and other pests. Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but pests are not just a summer issue, they are around causing trouble throughout the entire year. Spring, summer, fall, and even in the winter, there is always some sort of pest lurking around the corner, ready to invade your home, and become a nuisance for you to deal with!

Some pests may overlap the seasons and while others are very much seasonal, but it is important to remember that in general all pests are trying to invade your home and property are looking for three things- water, food, and shelter. Pests will take advantage of any home that is offering them easy access to those three necessities, no matter what season it may be.

Spring Pests

As the weather warms, the flowers begin to bloom and the days get longer pests like ants, fleas, spiders, and stinging insects being to emerge. They will begin to build their nests, lay their eggs and feed on whatever food source they require - you, your food, plants, or other insects.

Summer Pests

The hot weather of summer encourages a lot of pest activity, pests that are annoying, dangerous, and damaging. Common summer pests that you may run into in your home or on your property include mosquitoes, ticks, flies, stinging insects, termites, centipedes, and ants.

Fall Pests

Fall is the season when many pests do go away, but also the time when others are looking for a place to overwinter and if you don’t put precautions into place it could be your home. Rodents, stink bugs, lady bugs, and cockroaches are a few of the fall pests you may have to contend with.

Winter Pests

Winter pests are usually those fall pests that have gained access into your home and are now your new roommates for the winter months!

So as you have probably have gathered by now, the fight against pests never ends, you may be able to win a small battle here and there, but to safely win the war you need to implement a year-round pest control program in your Pittsburgh home. Professional pest control programs provide thorough inspection, safe and effective treatment, and regular visits to control and prevent pests in and around your home all year-long.

At Witt Pest Management our TopCare Complete program provides our Pittsburgh customers with year-round monitoring, treatment, and control services for over 40 household insects, rodents, and termites in one neat, affordable package. The TopCare Complete program includes an inspection, exterior treatment, interior treatment, the installation and monitoring of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, pest proofing and clean-up, and detailed reports!

Contact Witt Pest Management today to find out more information about our TopCare Complete pest control program, and how our QualityPro certified team can keep your home pest free, all year long!

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