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Ant control is not something you want to take on alone - call in the Pittsburgh pest control pros!

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We agree, the thought of grabbing a can of spray and killing the ants on your kitchen counter sounds great, sort of. But then why do they always keep coming back? Ant control, while it may seem like an easy fix on your own, is not in fact an easy undertaking. Ants are very social insects which means they form massive colonies and the ants that you are seeing inside of your home this spring are nothing in comparison to what lurks in the ant colony itself. A word of caution from the Pittsburgh pest control professionals, it is best to leave ant control to the experts.


Ant control sprays and other products you can buy at the hardware can be dangerous to you and your family. Store bought sprays are usually not very effective in getting rid of ants. In addition, since they contain a high level of chemicals, these sprays can be dangerous to you and members of your family. Using the wrong amounts of chemical or mixing chemicals can put your household at risk, which is why ant control is always best left to the professional Pittsburgh exterminators at Witt.


Household cleaners are not going to get rid of ants. It may not seem like a bad idea to just use household cleaners to get rid of ants. And yes, you will probably kill the ants that you are seeing but this does not mean that you have taken care of the problem itself. Ants will continue to come back foraging for food until the entire ant colony has been treated and eliminated.


Bottom line, even though many types of ants are considered nuisance pests, they are still not easy to control. There are however measures you can implement in and around your home to help reduce the threat of ants and keep them from crawling around your kitchen. In fact, here a few pest-proofing tips to keep ants at bay:


  • Seal off any cracks on the exterior of the home in which ants could use to get inside.

  • Replace window screens if they have any tears because ants can easily squeeze through a torn screen.

  • Trim back tree branches so they do not touch the side of the home because this only creates a bridge for ants to crawl closer to the inside.

  • Take the trash outside on a regular basis to eliminate food sources for ants.

  • Keep all open food stored in airtight containers out of ant access.

  • Always wipe up crumbs and spills in the kitchen to eliminate food debris.


To learn more about ant control in Pittsburgh, please contact Witt Pest Management today. Our team of technicians will get rid of ants that you are seeing now and prevent future colonies from forming on your property. Our TopCare program is the most complete in home pest control and is designed to target ants as well as other pests common to PA. So before you pick up that spray, remember DIY ant control isn’t going to be effective. Contact us instead!

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