a house fly buzzing around a pittsburgh pennsylvania kitchen during late summer season

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Flies can be aggravating pests that appear at picnics, barbecues, and any other outdoor events—especially those with food present. However, house flies are even more of a nuisance when they start to attend indoor activities as well. If you're sitting at home eating dinner and a fly is buzzing around the table making a beeline for your mashed potatoes, you may have a problem.
House flies can be a serious problem when they get inside our Pittsburgh area homes through cracks, holes, or openings around the house. They breed quickly and can carry disease, so although it may seem that flies are just annoying, they can also be a real threat. Calling a professional pest control company for help controlling a house fly invasion, instead of just ignoring the problem or wasting time on ineffective DIY methods, is generally your best course of action.

Problems House Flies Cause

We all know how obnoxious flies can be with the annoying noise they make as they buzz around you. They often fly right in your face, and if you're eating, they will certainly make every attempt to get to your food. But flies can also be a dangerous pest because even though they don't bite or sting, they can carry disease.
Flies are attracted to moisture, which they often find in disgusting places like trash and feces. They pick up nasty bacteria and other germs from these places and then transfer it to your countertops and food when they get inside your house. When flies find something to eat, they will regurgitate fluids onto their meal before soaking up the food. This regurgitation often leaves residual bacteria, which can make you and your family sick.
Another reason to get rid of flies is that they attract other pests. If you have flies in your home, spiders will follow in search of a meal. Once spiders get inside, you may have other pests like house centipedes or paper wasps that will come looking for some tasty spiders. Before you know it, your house could be taken over by bugs.

How House Flies Get Inside Homes

Flies are small enough that they can find many access points into your home. Often, they come in through an open door or window. Even if you have screens, flies can fit through small tears. If they can't get in through a visible opening, flies can come inside through vents, chimneys, or any other opening in your house.

Getting Rid of House Flies

There are some DIY methods of fly elimination, but they don’t always work effectively, and they can be very unappealing. We know you can kill flies with a good, old-fashioned fly swatter but who has the time to run around the house swatting flies? It’s almost impossible to catch every fly, and it leaves dead fly bodies that need to be cleaned up. Fly strips are another standard DIY solution, but these flypapers are very unappealing. Dead flies hanging in doorways is almost as annoying as live ones flying through the house.
Professional pest control experts like our technicians at Witt Pest Management can help rid your home of flies once and for all. We have year-round service plans that include inspection, treatment, and ongoing protection to keep your Pittsburgh area home free of house flies. Enjoy your summer without the pests. Call Witt Pest Management today!

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