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Ever since Europeans started to span the globe nearly 600 years ago, Norway rats have thrived in metropolitan areas where humans live. Norway rats came to what is now the United States in droves during the heavy exploration periods. These rodents would stow away among ships while the ships were docked for days on end, hiding in the bowels of ships, living off the crops that were meant for the men and animals, making the long voyage across the sea. Even in the less crowded colonies, rats quickly became a problem.

Norway Rats in the Workplace

Fast forward a few hundred years, and those rats have multiplied exponentially. It’s something of an epidemic, especially in blue collar cities like Pittsburgh. Rats now nest in areas that are developed but aren’t often touched by humans, and then come out to scavenge when we aren’t around. They thrive off of the garbage and excess produce that we create and, while fairly good at staying out of sight, are often present in shocking numbers in urban areas. Since places of business are where we spend over a third of our 24 hour day, we produce even more waste at work than we do at home. Factories and offices alike are red hot targets for the hordes of Norway rats that swarm our beloved city at night.

Norway Rat Destruction

Getting rid of the Norway rats before they overtake your building is a challenge but it’s an action that you need to take. These rats can cause destruction in a multitude of ways. They’ve been known to chew through even metal and concrete just to get to the food, and while the plague may be a thing of the past, rats are still a significant health risk due both to contamination and the fact that they are prime carriers of bacteria and disease, as well as hosts for ticks, fleas, and mites. Rats reproduce regularly and are not picky about where they leave a mess, which means you could be facing contamination of literally any area of your property.

Norway Rat Prevention

It’s going to be impossible to rid Pittsburgh of rats entirely, but there are a lot of things we can all do to help prevent further reproduction and to exclude them from your business. Make sure you’re tossing out your garbage into the appropriate containment devices with lids that can’t be easily removed. Consider not bringing more lunch than you plan on eating when you head to work each morning. Place some over-the-counter traps out where you find rat droppings and reset them frequently. Make sure you don’t try to locate and destroy nesting areas on your own. This can be very unsafe as these rodents can spread disease quickly and can sometimes be aggressive if they feel threatened. The best thing you can do is get a pest control and prevention program in place. Witt Pest Management has been protecting businesses in the Pittsburgh area for years and we know how to keep rats away from your building. Call Witt Pest Management and leave the heavy duty removal to the professionals so that you can run your business and provide for your family without having the added stress of a Norway rat infestation.

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