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Many of you have already purchased your turkey and know exactly how many people will be attending your feast. Many of you will be the ones traveling home for the holidays. While you do not have the stress of planning the menu, shopping, cooking, and cleaning, you do have your own set of challenges to meet – especially if you will be traveling any distance to be with family and friends. Perhaps you chose to take a plane or a bus because the drive would just be way too long. Perhaps you have already packed your bags and checked your reservations with the airline or the bus depot. These are all great things to accomplish ahead of time to be sure your trip home is flawless.
I am sure that you have been thinking about that hot, juicy turkey and how wonderful it will taste. There is no doubt that you are looking forward to smelling that old Tom turkey roasting away, filling the house with the warm, fresh scent of rosemary, thyme, and sage, as the stuffing bakes to perfection. I am sure you can close your eyes and taste that warm, golden apple pie – why I’ll bet you can practically smell the cinnamon and nutmeg right now. Oh, and you will surely have to remember to leave room for a thick slice of pumpkin pie with a huge dollop of whipped cream right in the center. 
While visiting with family and having a terrific feast on Thanksgiving is a cherished time, you want to make sure that bed bugs are not joining in on your holiday celebrations. The threat of inadvertently carrying bed bugs home with you from your travels has increased dramatically over the past decade as these creatures have found ways to not only survive, but to thrive. Many people know to look out for bed bugs when checking into a hotel or motel but they rarely ever think to be mindful of these bugs anywhere else because they assume given their name that bed bugs are only found in beds. That assumption is untrue.
Bed bugs can actually be found anywhere that people frequent. That means they can be found on planes, taxis, and boats. They can be found at the grocery store, department store, and in the bookstore down the street. They frequent hospitals, dorms, schools and, yes, they can even sneak into Grandma’s house. These elusive pests can literally be anywhere.
When you travel home for the holidays this year, make sure that you are on your guard for these pesky little apple seeds with legs. If you are one of the many unfortunate travelers that will bring bed bugs home this Thanksgiving, don’t panic. Call the bed bug experts here at Witt Pest Management instead. Our certified specialists have the training, technology, products, and protocols necessary to quickly and discreetly eliminate bed bugs from your home.  Keep bed bugs from ruining your holiday memories by partnering with the trusted experts here at Witt Pest Management. Your effective and safe bed bug solutions are only a call away!

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