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Traveling to visit family and friends is very common during the holiday season and the only things that you probably want to bring back from your trip are good memories and gifts. However, if precautions are not made, you may be bringing back bed bugs as well! Bed bugs cannot fly or jump, so to find a new location to live and feed they hitchhike onto people and their belongings and are a common problem for travelers. Hotels, motels, airports, bus stations, rental cars, shopping centers, and unfortunately even family members’ homes are all places that you can come into contact with bed bugs. The bed bug experts at Witt want to provide you with information to make sure that these pests stay out of your holiday memories!

Before we go into how to protect yourself from bed bugs, it is important to know where bed bugs like to hide. Bed bugs have a flat, oval shaped body which allows them to hide virtually unseen. If you know where bed bugs like to hide, you can more thoroughly inspect for their presence, helping to protect yourself and your family from these pests.

Common Bed Bug Hiding Spots

  • Their most obvious hiding spots are in the seams of mattresses and box springs.

  • Bed bugs can be found hiding in the cracks and crevices in wooden furniture including headboards, footboards, nightstands, chest of drawers, and other like items.

  • Cracks found in walls can often act as a hideout for bed bugs.

  • Bed bugs are also commonly found behind baseboards, outlets, pictures, and underneath floors.

  • Knowing the signs of a bed bug infestation is important because the quicker you can determine the presence of bed bugs, the faster you can get yourself out of the situation and hopefully prevent a bed bug infestation within your own home.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

  • Dark spots (bloodstains) on the mattress and bedding where you are staying.

  • Shed skins that are found in piles on mattresses and/or floors; bed bugs shed their skins as they develop and grow.

  • A sickly sweet odor in the air can be noticed in the case of a very large bed bug infestation.

  • Waking up with bed bug bites - itchy red bumps that are often found in a line or zigzag pattern that resemble mosquito bites.

Bed bugs are found everywhere, and it can be very difficult to keep from coming in contact with them while traveling despite your best efforts. If after traveling this holiday season your home becomes home to bed bugs, contact the bed bug control experts at Witt Pest Management as quickly as possible. Our certified and friendly specialists have the training, technology, and products to quickly and safely eliminate bed bugs from your home. Keep this holiday season a bed bug free holiday season with help from Witt Pest Management!

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