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Do you and your family plan on traveling to see loved ones this Thanksgiving? Are your loved ones coming to you instead? Will there be a hotel stay or two involved? Many of the families around the United States will have loved ones moving around the country to spend a few precious days together, and while the reason is as grand and exciting in and of itself as it is a good excuse to see loved ones, the stresses the holiday's occasion are very real. The travel planning, food preparation, family dynamics, and work wrap-ups can be stressful enough. Unfortunately, you need to worry about bed bugs on top of all that. It may not be something you've had to deal with before, but these pests are a potential problem that really shouldn’t be overlooked.

The War Against Bed Bugs

Hotels around the country have been waging war with bed bugs for years. Unfortunately, due to the resilient nature of the critters, it’s going to be a war that lasts for many more years. Bed bugs are small and survive off of human blood and skin cells, they can survive in harsh conditions and go literally weeks without feeding. These bugs love to live in the creases where sheets meet the mattress as they enjoy the all you can eat buffet that we provide for them. It’s pretty nasty to think about, and far worse to experience. While most hotels are doing a pretty good job of removing bed bugs, it’s not uncommon for some to be missed…

Inspect Your Hotel Room

When you or your family get into a hotel room, the first thing you should do is search the sheets for signs of bed bugs. Look for orange and brown stains and smudge marks. These marks are left behind by crushed bed bugs and bed bug excrement, are often small enough to be missed if you are not looking for them specifically. If you see signs of bed bugs, make sure you inform the hotel right away and either go to a different hotel or request a different room and start the inspection over again. Note that hotels will replace sheets with brand new ones after bed bugs are found so the marks can’t be stains left after a wash.

Inspect Your Luggage

After your travel is over with, be sure to check your luggage thoroughly. The last thing you want to do is bring an infestation home with you. If you think you’ve got a bed bug problem or you just want the peace of mind that these parasites aren’t keeping you company every night, call Witt Pest Management. Our professionals have been dealing with pests like bed bugs for years and we know how frustrating an infestation can be. Witt will come in and privately take care of your bed bug problem. Make sure you ask also about our pest prevention packages, the most surefire way that you can enjoy your Thanksgiving pest free!

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