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Spring and summer activities are often the highlight of the year for friends and family. These activities bring people together for ball games, BBQ parties, hiking, gardening, or just enjoying a nice quiet evening on the deck. While these and other activities are fun, the sound of mosquitoes buzzing in one’s ear is anything but pleasant. These insects can be an annoying problem that should not be taken lightly and have interrupted more than one outdoor activity, causing people to seek shelter inside.

Mosquito bites cause much more concern than a red, itchy bump. Some mosquitoes spread malaria, yellow fever, encephalitis, West Nile virus, Zika virus, and other serious diseases. Farm animals have suffered weight loss and a decrease in milk production because of the relentless attacks from mosquitoes. The potential danger from a mosquito bite is more than enough motivation or reason to implement some preventive measures to reduce the mosquito population on your property.

It is important for you to know that all mosquitoes require water for breeding, hatching, and developing into a mature adult. The smallest amount of water is adequate for hundreds and even thousands of mosquitoes. Water is regularly found in the following:

  • Roof gutters plugged with leaves and other debris.

  • Bird baths. Change water weekly to kill any mosquito eggs.

  • Dispose of used tires. Water in a discarded tire can breed thousands of mosquitoes.

  • Canoes, boats, and wheelbarrows should be turned over to prevent water from collecting.

  • Empty the water collecting trays under your deck plants weekly.

  • Change your outdoor pet water containers daily.

While removing these potential breeding sites will help reduce the population, mosquitoes are almost impossible to completely eradicate. Bug zappers will not take care of your mosquito problem. More than 97% of mosquitoes killed by zappers are males, and males are not capable of stinging. Ironically, these zappers seem to attract more mosquitoes to your property. 

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