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It wasn’t that long ago that the bed bug seemed to be part of a bygone era that only our parents and grandparents seemed to remember. Some were convinced that these pests were nothing but a figment of the previous generation’s imagination perhaps used to scare little kids into wondering just what a bed bug was and why was it going to bite them in the night. Makes you wonder why we ever thought that was a great way to give our children a restful night’s sleep.

Almost completely eradicated in the 70’s, the pesticides responsible for the eradication of bed bugs were banned in the US for good reason. Now, it seems that the bed bug is back and have made their way all across the country and can be found just about anywhere. Bed Bug Awareness week is June 4th through the 10th. This week, designated by the Professional Pest Management Alliance, is intended to remind people during their summer travels that bringing home bed bugs is a real possibility no matter where you are going.

This time of the year, folks are traveling to visit relatives, attend camps, going on adventures and even checking out a college or two. We travel throughout the country today more than any other time in history so it is essential to be aware of your surroundings more so than ever before. Many of our clients have become our clients because they have inadvertently brought home a souvenir that they never intended. The sneaky bed bug can easily slip into luggage or even a pocket without anyone knowing a thing until weeks after they have returned home.

During Bed Bug Awareness Week, we hope that anyone ready to travel, will take a few minutes to familiarize themselves with bed bugs and their prevention. The bed bug is a tiny, oval-shaped pest that is only around the size of an apple seed. True to its name, it is often found living in and around mattresses but they are quite comfortable in other areas as well. When you get to your destination, take a few minutes to look around at the sheets and mattresses as well as the pillows on the bed. If any drops of blood or staining is visible, take a closer look for discarded shells and deceased bugs that might be visible. If it appears clear, take a second look at the furniture in the room as well before you unpack a bag. For extra safety consider storing your clothing in sealable plastic bags just to make sure that nothing can creep in that you missed.

Upon returning home, it is always a good idea to unpack immediately, preferably not on the bed. Wash every item of clothing as soon as possible in hot water to kill off any remaining bugs that could be hiding. Vacuum the luggage thoroughly before storing it away. Taking these precautions might seem like a bit of overkill, but a bed bug infestation can be an expensive reminder of a good time away.

If you suspect a bed bug infestation, give Witt Pest Management a call. Our professional staff is no stranger to these pests and have worked with homes and commercial properties all over the region to eliminate bed bugs completely using our K-9 detection team that can find each area of the property where bed bugs might be hiding. We also use heat treatment options which eliminate the pests without damaging the property inside. Before you know it, you can be back in your home completely bed bug free. Give us a call today.

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