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Don't let bed bugs spoil your summer vacation!

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Are you counting down the days until your summer getaway starts or just getting around to planning your summer vacation? Either way, a word of caution from the Pittsburgh pest control professionals at Witt: beware of bed bugs while vacationing.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve reserved a room in a five star hotel or booked your stay in a hotel or motel that is better suited for your budget, bed bugs could become a problem for you and your family. You see, bed bugs do not have a preference for the type of establishment they infest. They are simply attracted to environments where people congregate, the more the better. So in order to avoid bed bugs while enjoying your break from reality, our Pittsburgh exterminators recommend the following bed bug prevention tips.

Pack to repel bed bugs. Hard cased suitcases (like these ones featured on Amazon) are a good choice when packing as they are better at keeping these parasitic insects away. With no cloth or seams on the outside, bed bugs don’t have much luck attaching themselves. If you have a fabric suitcase, you should first pack your clothing and accessories in sealable bags such as Ziploc’s Big Bags. This will protect your garments and personal items from becoming infested with bed bugs should they make it into your suitcase. Lastly, pack a small flashlight. We’ll tell you why in just a bit.

Fly bed bug free. Upon boarding the plane, take a few minutes to inspect your seat especially the seams as bed bugs tend to hide out in this spot. Airplanes are not the only mode of public transportation that bed bugs have been reported to infest. Buses and taxis as well as trains have also had to deal with these pests so exercise caution no matter how you travel.

Take five minutes to inspect your hotel room. Once you’ve checked in and headed to your room there is still a need for caution. In fact, have a family member or two stay outside the hotel room with your luggage while you grab that flashlight we mentioned above and start inspecting your accommodations. Our D.C. and Maryland pest control friends at American Pest actually put together a brief video on how to inspect a hotel room for bed bugs.

Remain vigilant. If you’ve been successful at avoiding bed bugs during travel and your hotel room is cleared of bed bugs, congrats! Your summer vacation is off to a good start. However, we caution you to remain alert and don’t let your guard down while hitting the shops, movie theaters and restaurants as these pests have been known to show up in a variety of commercial environments. Also, when you head home, remain vigilant and continue to inspect for bed bugs. Once you arrive home, you should also look over your suitcases, purses and even your person to be sure that these nuisance pests have not come home as a souvenir.

If you suspect a bed bug problem came home with you, contact the Pittsburgh bed bug control specialists at Witt Pest Management today! In addition to K9 bed bug inspections, we offer bed bug heat treatments in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas that will get rid of your bed bug infestation quickly and completely. Serving Greater Pittsburgh since 1908, Witt Pest Management is the area’s oldest and most advanced pest control company! Contact us today!

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