bed bug skins and droppings

Do you know the signs to look for to determine if you have bed bugs?

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By now your kids have just begun the year and if it is their first semester back at college you are probably looking for any excuse to check in. Well, we’ve come up with a new reason at Witt Pest Management and this is no joke. Bed bugs remain a huge threat to college campuses in Pittsburgh and across the country. If you did not inspect and protect your kids dorm room upon arrival, it is possible that they are living with bed bugs right now. So here’s our proposal, call them up and make sure they know how to spot the signs of a bed bug infestation and how to prevent an infestation.

How to spot the signs of a bed bug infestation

Bed bugs are nighttime feeders which means that even if you are waking up to bed bug bites, it is not likely that they will be right there in your bed. In fact, bed bugs live in many other places besides the bed including hidden in furniture, behind hanging artwork, even in electrical outlets. This makes it hard to identify an infestation however, here are a few tell tale signs that bed bugs are present:

  • Waking up to itchy bites in the morning, usually in a line of three

  • Light brown colored skins which they shed as they grow into adults

  • Dark spots on the mattress or linens of blood and/or fecal matter from blood meals

  • Live bugs themselves which are about the size of an apple seed as adults

How to prevent a bed bug infestation

Once you have inspected the entire dorm room for any of the above signs of a bed bug infestation, it is time to go into prevention mode. Unless of course you did spot an infestation in which case it is important to contact school authorities immediately to have the problem eradicated. A dorm room can remain bed bug free by following these tips:

  1. Purchase bed bug resistant laundry bags and mattress encasements.

  2. Keep clutter including clothing and belongings up off the floor.

  3. Vacuum the room on a regular basis.

  4. Travel bed bug smart with these tips from our previous blog: Protecting Yourself from Bed Bugs

  5. Remain vigilant with bed bug inspections!

To learn more about ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from bed bugs as well as to learn about safe and effective bed bug treatments in Pittsburgh, please contact us today at Witt Pest Management.

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