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Bed Bugs And Carpet Beetles Causing Confusion In Pittsburgh

close up of bed bug on white background

Waking up in the morning to itchy, red welts is never a good thing. And from the old saying, many of us jump to the conclusion of bed bug bites. But before you tear apart your mattress and your room to inspect for the signs of bed bugs you may be interested to know that the allergic reactions from carpet beetles are very similar to those of bed bug bites and are confusing homeowners in Pennsylvania. Although completely different insects both carpet beetles and bed bugs share similarities which can make identification of a pest problem just that much harder.

To help those in Pennsylvania and surrounding Pennsylvania areas better identify which pest may have left them itching in the morning, let’s quickly breakdown the differences between these pests in terms of what they look like and their behavior.

Carpet Beetles

  • Oval body about 1/16 to 1/8 inch long
  • White and yellow-brown scales
  • Three pairs of hair tufts near the back of their abdomen
  • Females lay 40 eggs in their lifetime
  • Find humans from their carbon dioxide
  • Do not feed on human blood at night

Bed Bugs

  • Flattened oval-shaped body about a ¼ inch long as adults
  • Reddish brownish in color
  • Microscopic hairs
  • Females lay up to 5 eggs each day
  • Find humans from their carbon dioxide
  • Feed on human blood at night

As you can see, carpet beetles do not actually feed on humans so the red welts that are left behind are not bites but actually an allergic reaction to the larval hairs. This explains why you could have the red spots and your spouse could be totally fine. To learn more about the differences between carpet beetles and bed bugs check out this blog post as well. In either case, if you have identified a pest problem in your Pittsburgh home it is important to call in the pros. Contact Witt Pest Management to identify your pest problem and our trained pest control professionals will develop a customized home pest control plan so that you can sleep through the night without waking up to bed bug bites...or carpet beetle reactions!