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Finding bed bugs in your home can be a nightmare. Not just because these blood eaters feed on you and your family while you sleep, but they also come with a horrible reputation. When people think of bed bugs, they think of dirty bugs that only infest the homes of nasty people. While this stereotype is not true, it's worth mentioning that clutter does help these bugs hide close to their food source but really they can live anywhere they are able to find a blood meal. Knowing the won't make you feel any less humiliated when you find these bugs crawling on your mattress. You're going to want them taken care of discreetly--and we completely understand.

As public awareness of bed bugs increases, this perception may eventually go away. But for now, here are the three ways Witt works to protect your reputation.

Early Detection

You can have bed bugs for months and not know it. Early detection is key in taking care of bed bugs "before" they become a problem. That is why we use K-9 bed bug inspectors. Dogs have a powerful sense of smell and can detect living bed bugs as well as eggs, and they do this without disturbing your furniture or disrupting other belongings like human inspectors do. Detection is fast and effective with bed bug dogs.

Stealth Treatment

With early detection comes discreet bed bug treatment options. Once our team identifies where bugs are infesting, we will combat these biting pests quickly and efficiently. We also offer the option of treating furniture and other infested items in our offsite heat chamber.

Fast Bed Bug Heat Treatments

If your infestation requires a heat treatment, you can know that Witt will give you the fastest and most efficient heat treatment available in the industry. Some treatments can displace a family for days. But with Witt, you'll be back in your home in hours. That means less time for your neighbors to wonder about your bug problem.

If you have bed bugs, give us a call. We've been solving bug problems for over 100 years. We would love an opportunity to help you solve yours.


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