Bed Bugs In Library Books

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Ok so we know that bed bugs and hotels pretty much go hand in hand but now bed bugs are making headlines by infesting libraries across the country. This may have left you wondering, where will they strike next? Well, at Witt Pest Management we are here to remind our Pittsburgh community that anywhere people are, bed bugs can be. While the recent stories covering bed bugs in books and libraries seems alarming and may have scared you away from visiting your local one, it is not the only place you could meet up with these parasitic pests.

When it comes to bed bugs in Pittsburgh or anywhere for that matter, there is one thing they are after...human blood to feed on. Blood meals provide bed bugs the essential nutrients to grow into adults reproduce and keep the life cycle going. When you consider how many people frequent libraries, hotels, apartment buildings, airports, taxis and busses, its like hitting the jackpot (from the insect’s perspective that is).

Bed bugs are also great at hitchhiking meaning that they can latch onto your clothing, bags, or even library books to catch a ride back to your home. Even bed bug eggs are sticky which makes it easy for them to stick with a person. And then at night, they will be guided by the carbon dioxide we exhale and find us for a blood meal.

So while your next trip to the library may just be to check out a book, keep in mind that you could be getting more than you bargained for. It is important that you inspect the book carefully for signs of bed bugs like light brown, almost translucent skin encasements, small blood spots which are their fecal matter from feeding on blood, and even live bugs themselves which resemble an apple seed when they are full grown.

And it’s not just the library that you want to be wary about. Because of their sophisticated hitchhiking abilities, bed bugs can be found anywhere there are people. We’re not trying to scare you into never leaving your home but are here to encourage you to be a little more cautious when you are in a public place like the movie theater or sitting on an airplane while traveling. After all, the best way to control bed bugs is to prevent them altogether.

For more information on bed bugs in Pittsburgh including services to get rid of bed bugs, please contact Witt Pest Management today. We provide canine bed bug inspections, heat treatments, and continuous monitoring to prevent infestations of bed bugs.

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