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What are these small dark colored bugs that are swarming and crawling everywhere? They seem to be attracted to bright colored things outside, like playground slides, cars and on the grass. Commonly mistaken for a tick, billbugs, are really a nuisance pest and not dangerous at all. The reason that you are seeing them is actually because they are in the midst of an age old love story.

Billbugs emerge in the spring when the rising temperatures prompt them to come out of their overwintering hiding spot. The adult males go out in search of the females. We see them when they are swarming about with their male buddies to all the bright and warm places around in search of their female counterpart. Billbugs are vegetarian. They eat only grass and weeds. They have a very distinct long snout like mouth part that is used to bore holes in vegetation. While on their quest for love, they stop only briefly in weeds and on grass to eat. They truly have but one thing on their minds, love.

When the males finally find a female, some of the females carry the males on their backs until she finds the perfect blade of grass to bore into and place her eggs. After the whole mating process is finished, and the fertilized eggs are left safely in the grass, some of the males continue to follow the females. This ends the time that these two love bugs spend together and thus is the happy ending to this love story.

Billbugs are usually only a major nuisance for about two weeks in the spring months in Pittsburgh. They and their love story will be a mere memory when July rolls around. Many residence of Pittsburgh get confused and think that these love bugs are massive amounts of ticks. The major difference is their long snout like mouth that billbugs have and ticks do not swarm. Ticks are more typically found hidden in grass, not out roaming about looking for love.

If the billbugs are over running your property and you would like some assistance to keep them from eating your grass, or laying their eggs on your grass we can help. Here at Witt Pest Management we can treat the perimeter of your property to help keep them to a minimum. While we can’t stop them from landing on your property, we can certainly make it so they will not want to stay very long. We know that even harmless pests like billbugs can be a real pain to have around. Partner up with us here at Witt Pest management and our TopCare home pest control program will guard your home against billbugs and other common pests.

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