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Oh, the weather outside can get frightful here in Pennsylvania, especially when Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose. Fortunately, you can bundle up with a thick winter coat, a nice fluffy pair of mittens, and a warm scarf wrapped around your neck and chin. There is nothing like bundling up on a cold winter day, but there is another way you might want to bundle up this winter. Try bundling up your pests services.

Do you know that winter is when a whole bunch of critters want to get into your home? It's true. They can't bundle up like we can, so they hide from the cold in your attic and wall voids. If you have overwintering pests in your home, now is the perfect time to call a professional. Why? Because this is the best time to see what type of pests are getting in, and how many of them there are. This helps to determine what measures are needed to fully seal your walls and keep those, and other pests, out.

How do I bundle?

Most houses we service have more than one pest. Often, they have several. So, rather than charge for each and every pest we find, we offer our customers a bundle deal. Our base package covers over 40 common household pests. You can't beat that with a stick! But this base package doesn't cover the most important pest of all: termites!

TopCare Complete

You might think with all those pests bundled in our base package that you would never have need of any more protection than that, but we saved the best for last. Of all the insects that will attack you home, termites are the worst. Not only are they the worst pest to have inside your home, they are the worst to treat for. That's why we added TopCare Complete to the list of bundles. For only a few extra dollars, we bundle in the most advanced termite protection available in our industry: the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. There is nothing more effective, Eco-friendly, and non-invasive. With this system, our specialists can monitor for termite activity around your home and immediately arrest termite infestations even before they can begin.

Bundle up this winter, find out what's bugging you, and put in place the most comprehensive pest service available. Pests don't take a holiday, and neither should your pest protection. Get year-round service from over 40 household pests, plus termites, with TopCare Complete and let your peace of mind be complete also.

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