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Now that the warmer weather of spring is finally here, it is time to get outside and have some fun with your family and friends again. It will be time for delicious picnics and barbecues. You can start playing your favorite outdoor games and just relax in your own yard again, breathing fresh air, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Of course, nothing can put a stop to this enjoyment faster than an infestation of stinging insects invading your yard. Once an infestation begins, the population will grow exponentially and so will the dangers. Stinging insects like bees and wasps will deliver painful stings to anyone that intentionally or inadvertently disturb their hive or nest. Their stings can be dangerous to the many people that are allergic to their venom. Wasps and bumblebees do not have barbed stingers that stay inside their victim, so they are capable of stinging over and over again. Just the sight of them will make everyone want to run for cover. Although we consider them to be pests they are actually needed in nature to pollinate plants and flowers. But, they really don’t need to be hanging around your home putting your family at risk.

Stinging insects tend to be reclusive, but can be spotted when they are in search of their basic needs of pollen, nectar, food sources and water. They are also extremely attracted to sweet foods and drinks, as well as scented lotions, perfumes, dryer sheets, and even floral patterned clothing. A hive or nest located near your home can be a very frustrating problem.

Since bees and wasps don’t discriminate against who they sting, trying to eradicate them yourself could prove to be extremely dangerous. That’s why stinging insect infestations should only be dealt with by trained professionals. Expert pest technicians have all of the appropriate tools, methods, and treatments that are required to get rid of and prevent stinging insects from settling in your yard. They also have the know-how to carefully apply any insecticides that are necessary.

In the Greater Pittsburgh area, you can count on the Witt Pest Management team to evaluate the stinging insect activity in your yard and to customize a management plan that will best suit your needs. They will resolve your stinging insect problems quickly and completely. Call us today at Witt Pest Management and talk to one of our representatives.

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