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You've probably read a ton of articles about how to treat ants, but I'd like to address a more important questions: "How are ants treating you?" Let's face it, as house guests, ants are the worst, especially carpenter ants. They are so disrespectful. It's shameful really. And it is a problem that must be addressed. That is why we've put together this quick article on carpenter ants as houseguests. Hopefully, this will bring to light some serious issues regarding these ants and their complete lack of decorum. Read on.

Imagine, if you will, that a neighbor has decided to come over uninvited. He doesn't knock. He doesn't ring the doorbell. He just comes right on in and goes straight for the pantry.

"Got any donuts?" he asks?

You say, "No," but that isn't enough for your uninvited guest.

"How about some crumbs? Any crumbs will do," he says, without so much as a look over his shoulder.

"Crumbs?" you ask.

He leaves the pantry and heads straight to the trash, where he immediately stabs his hand down deep into the rotting banana peels, coffee grounds, old ketchup and decomposing meats from last night's leftovers. Then, before you can say, "I'd prefer if you didn't," he pulls his hand out and starts putting his filthy hand on your counters, on the sandwich you left sitting by the toaster, and on some of the dishes in the cabinet.

"What are you doing?" you shout in alarm. But your guest doesn't seem to notice. He has stopped in front of an apple someone left on the sidebar, and his face is filled with excitement. Apparently, your intruder has found what he came for. Without a word, he runs from the house and returns two hours later with 200 friends. Slowly, piece by piece, they dismantle the apple and carry the pieces out the door.

But your misery isn't over. Now that your neighbor has learned that your home has tasty things he and his friends like, he comes over with some power tools and starts sawing giant holes in your walls where he and his friends can sleep.

When does the madness stop? When do we stand up and say, "I'm sorry carpenter ants, but this isn't your house!" How long are we going to allow this lack of common decency to continue? This is more than a slight faux pas or a mild social misstep. This is an act of selfish aggression! Clearly, these ants are incapable of behaving properly. Call a pest control professional and take your house back. You should never let ants take advantage of you. It's just not proper.

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