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Carpet beetles are a rather common pest that show up in homes and businesses here in Pittsburgh, Pa. They are capable of causing damage to just about any type of fabric. However, they have also been known to get into food products as well. Pasta, nuts, cereals, and other milled products seem to attract carpet beetles.

One of the questions often asked is whether carpet beetles bite people or not. Carpet beetles have been confused with bed bugs from time to time, especially when people have itchy red blotches on their body. Even though the bed bug and carpet beetle both can leave these itchy, red blotches, the carpet beetle doesn’t bite. The red, itchy welt from a carpet beetle is actually an allergic reaction from the prickly little hairs on the carpet beetle larvae.

People may also ask about the carpet beetle allergy from time to time. This is actually the result of exposure to carpet beetle larvae over long periods of time, causing irritation of the eyes as well as the respiratory tract. People who are prone to allergies are more likely to experience irritations after being around carpet beetle larvae. The prickly little hairs not only cause these allergic reactions; some people break out in a rash that can spread and be difficult to treat.

Carpet beetle larvae can damage carpet, upholstered furniture, clothes, furs, and animal hides. Once they access the house, there will be plenty for them to feed on, including the milled food products found in your kitchen. Eradication and control of a carpet beetle infestation is difficult. It is best to discard heavily damaged garments or fabric. Others can be taken to the dry cleaner for treatment. Carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed and then shampooed. Be sure to discard the vacuum bag as soon as you finish cleaning the carpets.

The key to controlling carpet beetles is to find the main source of the infestation and eliminate them. The sooner these creatures are removed, the better, but it is not an easy task. Successful extermination of carpet beetles will usually require the services of a pest management professional like Witt Pest Management. Our highly trained technicians will locate sources that others may miss and will quickly resolve the infestation utilizing a variety of treatment options. This may include surveillance, baiting techniques, and exclusion. Witt Pest Management has more than 100 years of experience providing residential pest control and eliminating carpet beetles and all common household pests, giving our clients peace of mind. Contact our Pittsburgh exterminators today!

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