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It is hard to believe that fall is here, especially for those of us who live here in the east. Daytime temperatures have been running from five to ten degrees higher than normal these past few weeks, and we have had some warm, humid days that would rival the best that summer had to offer. Nonetheless, fall is surely upon us. Sure, the only real sign, it seems, is a bit of a chill in the breeze during the night and the colors that are starting to appear across the landscape; but the calendar says ‘September’ and October is just around the corner.

While it is true that the weather this fall may be lulling some of us into a false sense of security here in the Pittsburgh area, it has no affect whatsoever on insects that know without a doubt that it is time for them to think about the coming freeze. They know that Mother Nature is bound to straighten things out before too long. They know that the snow and the ice and the wind are just around the corner. They know that they cannot possibly survive when old man winter decides to make his appearance. They know that it is time to consider where they will be spending the winter in comfort, even if the temperatures outside seem to say otherwise.

Yes, there are many pests that are on the move searching for food, water, and warm shelter before the inevitable happens. Centipedes are one of those pests. Centipedes are part of the group of pests that are considered ‘overwintering’ pests. They are fair-weather pests. They enjoy living and breeding outside as long as the weather is fine, but as soon as they sense that winter is approaching, they begin to look for a home to invade.

Here in the east, most basements have the perfect environment for centipedes. Basements are dark and damp with plenty of food. They are the perfect temperature. Not too hot, not too cold! Surely it is way better than your flower bed would be in the middle of December. And, the food is to die for! No really! Centipedes eat worms, spiders, and other soft-bodied arthropods. They will even eat other centipedes! With the weather howling and blustering outside, there are more than enough overwintering pests that have found their way into your home along with those centipedes to keep these creepy little crawlers quite well fed all winter long.

If you do not want to spend the Pittsburgh winter with overwintering pests like centipedes, give the pest control experts here at Witt Pest Management a call. We have been protecting homes and businesses here in Pennsylvania from pests since 1908. That is a lot of experience with local pest issues and the effective products and procedures to use. When you partner with Witt Pest Management you will not have to worry about centipedes or any other overwintering pest this winter.

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