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There are many things folks find praiseworthy about their favorite restaurant. Some talk about a specific dish they enjoy while others focus on the friendly service. Most people will reference the ambiance, atmosphere, or decor inside, but never in the history of restaurants has anyone ever spoken highly of a restaurant for its cockroaches! Here are some of the reasons that people have a negative opinion of cockroaches:

Cockroaches are dirty

Cockroaches climb into dumpsters, feed on dead animal carcasses, chew their way into trash bags, feed on feces, and travel through sewers pipes and other unsanitary places. This brings them into contact with harmful bacteria, pathogens, parasites, and more. So cockroaches don't just look disgusting — they truly are filthy pests!

Cockroaches are the mechanical vectors for pathogens

Besides being very unsanitary, cockroaches are also able to spread pathogens. Just a few of the many illnesses that can arise from a cockroach infestation are dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever, Salmonella, Giardia, E. coli, listeriosis, and campylobacteriosis.

Cockroaches can carry the eggs of parasitic worms

Because cockroaches travel through unsanitary places and feed on unsanitary things, they are found to transport ectoparasites and endoparasites. Six genera associated with cockroaches are Ascaris, Trichuris, Capillaria, Toxocara, hookworm, and Eimeria; cockroaches found in toilets had even more cases of these parasitic worms. In a restaurant environment, this can pose a serious threat to stored foods.

Cockroaches are mobile

If you've ever seen a cockroach run up a wall at full speed, you know just how mobile these insects really are. They can also crawl across ceilings and compact their bodies to squeeze through tight gaps. This mobility allows them to spread illnesses to every corner of a restaurant.

Cockroaches chew

Researchers have discovered that cockroaches can activate twitch muscle fibers in order to chew through hard materials, such as wood. This makes it extremely difficult to keep them from getting into food products that are stored in cardboard, paper, or plastic. Cockroaches can also use this ability to bite humans, though this only happens when food sources are scarce or when there are large populations of cockroaches invading.

Cockroaches aggravate asthma

The excretions left by cockroaches have been found to increase symptoms of asthma. When these excretions get into ventilation systems, allergens can become airborne. In a restaurant environment, this can create health issues for employees.

Commercial Pest Control

No restaurant should be without a commercial pest control program established by a certified pest professional. When cockroaches spread illness in a restaurant environment, it can lead to many repercussions:

• Bad reviews left by unsatisfied customers.

• Unwanted exposure from local news agencies.

• An increase in employee absenteeism.

• A decrease in employee morale.

• Litigation from customers inflicted with an illness.

• An increase in health inspections.

• Health code violations.

• A complete closure of the business.

• Permanent damage to the restaurant’s reputation.

A pest plan designed and implemented by a trusted commercial pest control company will work to address cockroach problems before they have a chance to get into your business through routine inspections and the application of a perimeter barrier. In the event that cockroaches do manage to get inside, you'll have immediate expert assistance in tracking the problem and eliminating it quickly and effectively.

At Witt Pest Management, we bring over 100 years of industry experience to the table and utilize Integrated Pest Management methods in order to provide our customers with the best commercial pest control. One of our highly-trained pest control technicians will guide you through the control process from beginning to end, customizing your control plan to address the pest pressures you're dealing with.

Our services begin with an expert, no-obligation business evaluation. You'll get a thorough assessment of your restaurant facility performed by one of our experienced professionals. We will also make grounds maintenance recommendations in regards to pest control and food storage and identify any openings that could allow cockroaches to gain entry. Pest control measures to eliminate these pests will also be discussed and then implemented.

If you chose Witt Pest Management to develop your pest control plan, you'll have the essential protection needed to guard against all of the many threats unwanted bug and rodent pests can cause. While cockroaches are a restaurant's number one enemy, they aren't the only pests that can bring misery to your business! Get your protection in place today!

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