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Bugs and wildlife can get into our homes all year long. But, when fall temperatures begin to drop, there is a special kind of critter that will try to get into your Pittsburgh home. These "special" creatures are called "overwintering" pests. And, when they find a way into your home, they can bring a lot of problems in with them.

Lady Bugs

Normally, lady bugs are beneficial insects. They do a lovely job of eating plant-destroying aphids in your garden. But, when they start crawling all over your screens, it is time to make sure your exterior walls and roofline don't have any openings they can exploit. Lady bugs can make themselves horrible winter guests. They excrete a yellow substance that can stain your belongings and, if you get a large enough number of lady bugs inside your home, they can start to stink things up as well.

Stink Bugs

Another bug that can stink things up inside your Pittsburgh home is the brown marmorated stink bug. These crop pests become household pests when temperatures outside become inhospitable to them. If you prefer to not have these chemical producing pests crawling around in your curtains, perching on your light fixtures, or sleeping in your bed, now is the time to get things sealed up.

Box Elder Bugs

If your home is being visited by hundreds of black and red bugs, you could be in for some trouble. The box elder bug will congregate on the warm side of homes this time of year. If they choose your home, they could find a way inside. And, like those lady bugs, box elder bugs can stain your belongings, walls, curtains and other fabrics with their excrement.

Yellow Jackets

You can expect two things when it comes to fall yellow jackets. You can expect a lot more yellow jackets flying around because they have had all summer to build their populations, and you can expect that they will send female reproductives out of their nests in search of a place to overwinter. If they chose your home, you could be looking at an increase in wasp activity next spring.


These are the worst overwintering pests. When temperatures drive mice and rats to get into your Pittsburgh home, they aren't likely to leave when spring comes. Unlike the bugs listed in this article, rodents actually prefer to live with humans. Everything they need to live and thrive can be found inside our homes.

Overwintering Pest Control

Before bugs and wildlife start looking to hide from the cold, it is important to make sure your Pittsburgh home is properly sealed. Have a pest specialist from Witt inspect your home and apply advanced protocols to keep those bugs and rodents out.

You can live with overwintering pests. But, it is nicer to live without them.

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