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In the Pittsburgh area, you might think that termites die off and aren’t a problem in the winter. As other pests seemingly disappear as winter approaches, it wouldn’t be off base to think that termites must too. However, that’s not the case. Termites can remain active and survive inside your home all winter long. They could be doing extensive damage right underneath your nose without you knowing. There are many benefits to having year-round termite protection. Witt Pest Management is your area expert in termite control.

Where do Termites go for the Winter?

Outdoors, termites in Pittsburgh can tunnel underground to areas below the frost line. They can stay warm enough to survive the winter. They can even continue to use underground tunnels to move between nests and buildings, though their activity slows down, and they may lie in wait for the warmer weather. If you already have an infestation in your Pittsburgh area home, then you may be in for a shock this winter as they continue to inhabit your home.

How Can Termites Survive in Homes?

There is generally enough heat from your heating system, furnace, hot water tank and general radiant warmth around your underground basement to keep termites warm and active in the winter. While you won’t generally get a new infestation in winter, termites already in your home may continue to remain active all winter long. If they have some moisture and a wood food source, they will keep destroying your home.

Termites are small and relatively silent and, once inside your walls and wood, they are hard to see. If you don’t notice a swarm, or shed termite swarmer wings, in the spring, you may not realize that you have an infestation. Termites can live under your foundation, in your attic, or in your walls or basement. These are not areas of a home many people frequently look into. It’s often not until an infestation is so large that walls begin to buckle, or homeowners can hear unusual noises, that a termite problem is discovered. By this time, the damage can be extensive.

Why get Professional Year-Round Termite Control?

As soon as you suspect termites or, even better, before you have an infestation, the professionals at Witt Pest Management should be contacted. We can provide a year-round solution that keeps your home termite free. We have several termite prevention and removal options which include surveillance, bating programs, and exclusion techniques. Contact us to keep your Pittsburgh Area home termite free.

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