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It is hard to find a good mechanic. If you go to the dealer to get your car fixed, it can cost you an arm and a leg. Sure, there is a good chance the work will be done right--because the mechanics at the dealer are much more specialized in the type of cars they work on, but when finances get tight, you need to find the best bang for your buck. This often leads us to try a smaller shop that doesn't specialize, or one that thinks the perfect repair is a mixture of junkyard parts and duct tape. So, how do you find a good mechanic? You ask someone, right?

Now, here is a philosophical question for you: Should it matter if you get a $25 Visa gift card for guiding someone to a good mechanic? It shouldn't. If you know that mechanic will do the work right, for a fair price, and in a convenient amount of time it shouldn't matter if you get a little reward for steering your friend in the right direction.

Okay. Let's talk pest control. This is the kind of service that many people don't even realize they need. They let cockroaches, mice, and ants spread illness around. They let termites eat away at their support beams and warp their walls, and they leave themselves open to being stung or bitten by something poisonous. When you tell a friend or family member about the great pest control you get from Witt, you don't just help them improve their quality of life by helping them get rid of all the nuisance bugs that like to crawl on the television screen or land on their food in the dining room, but you help to protect them from the threat that pests can pose.

At Witt, we work hard every day to give our customers the friendliest service and the best pest management money can buy. For years, this has caused many of our customers to recommend our services to their friends and family, but that wasn't enough for us. We're always looking for ways to give our customers more value, and we're always looking for ways to reach out and find new people to help. That's why customer referrals just make sense.

If you've been happy with your service at Witt, tell someone. Not because you'll get a sweet $25 Visa gift card for doing it, but because you know that life without pests is a better life. Share a better life, and get $25 in your pocket when you refer a friend to Witt Pest Management.

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